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Hydrotherapy for Dogs

At All Creature Features Animal Hospital, we are proud to offer hydrotherapy as part of our rehabilitation program. We perform hydrotherapy sessions in our new Water for Fitness underwater treadmill. The advantages of hydrotherapy are buoyancy and increased resistance to motion. Buoyancy decreases the weight load and impact on muscles and joints. Coupling this with increased resistance to motion makes this an excellent activity to condition and restore or prevent loss of muscle tone. This is an excellent activity for dogs following TPLO, IV disc, or other orthopedic surgeries. Also, dogs that have muscle wasting from neurologic conditions such as degenerative myelopthy, or diseases such as Cushing's or diabetes, can benefit from hydrotherapy. It is also an excellent activity for weight loss. If you have questions or think your dog might be a candidate for hydrotherapy, please call our office.

Hydrotherapy for Dogs in $city